Novell World Wide Website Review & Ratings + Novell World Wide Coupons
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Novell World Wide Website Review & Ratings + Novell World Wide Coupons

Novell World Wide : Products & Services

Novell Inc, (NASDAQ; NOVL) is a leading global software provider. The company designs, builds and innovates technologies to ensure people are more productive and work environments are more secure and manageable.  Novell Inc supports thousands of organizations around the world with collaboration, endpoint management, as well as file and networking solutions that work together with other systems to power your work force. 

Novell Inc, has several proven products and services to its credit, assisting leading organizations around the world. The company’s products include the Novell GroupWise, Novell ZENwork and Novell Open Enterprise Server among many others.

Novell World Wide : Company Background

Novell Inc, (NASDAQ; NOVL) is an American multinational software and service company, headquartered in Utah. The company was founded in 1979 in Provo, Utah, United States, under the name, Novell Data Systems Inc, a hardware manufacturer producing CP/M based systems, by Dennis Fairclough, Drew Major, Dale Neibaur and Kyle Powell.

After 66 years, Novell, Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL) has grown to become one of the largest computer networking firms in the world.  During the 1980s and early 1990s, Novell’s NetWare led the sever platform, gaining 65% of the market share in the process and was in direct competition with Microsoft Corporation’s Windows NT.  The company recently announced a partnership with its arch competitor Microsoft, to bundle its Linux product with Windows Vista.

Novell World Wide : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Novell has a long standing relationship with the media and over the years its numerous products serving different industries and market activities have brought it in contact with many. With over 50,000 customers in over 43 countries, including heavyweights like Walmart, Hewitt, and TimeWarner among others. And for a company of its standing, there is a outpour of customer success stories and a few unsuccessful ones.

VIST Financial Corp wrote “implementing Novell ZENwork is the best thing I ever did. It’s fantastic and a huge time saver. Now we can spend time managing our infrasture, rather than travelling to all our offices. Novell ZENworks easily paid for itself in the first year.”

Another success story focused on Novell’s ease and security read, ”I’ve completed upgrades to GroupWise 8 so often it was a no- brainer”, “that was done in no time.” And “there’s no contest between GroupWise and Exchange. Nothing is more secure than GroupWise.”

Novell World Wide : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Novell, Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL) is not Better Business Bureau accredited. Although, the company’s products and services have ensured that all through the years it has remained in the eyes of the public. 

The company has received several Support Awards and Certifications; The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) adjudged Novell the winner of their “Ten Best Web Support Sites” of 2010, Novell was also inducted into the ASPs Web Support Hall of Fame. The company has also won the HDI Team Excellence Awards for achieving the highest standards of excellence for delivering internal and external customer service support.

The company has been covered by several prominent business sites including, and among others.

Novell World Wide : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Novell, Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL)’s is a very informative site,  very well designed and easy to use. Without many distractions, it displays the company’s services, products and communities in a comprehensive manner. Google Page rank checker scored this site 6/10. ranked this site 23,749 globally and 19,946 in the United States. Also according to, the majority of the site’s traffic comes for the U.S, followed by Nigeria, Sweden, South Africa and Taiwan.

Novell World Wide : Social Media Presence

Novell Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL) is a leader in intelligent workload management, allowing people and technology to work as one. The company has a very active social media presence. On LinkedIn, the company has an account with 3, 225 members, which was last updated two days ago. On FaceBook, the company has an active account that is updated daily, with over 6, 15 likes. The Company’s Twitter account has over 6,236 followers, though it was last updated on the 5th of February this year. Additionally, the company has a SlideShare account and YouTube Corporate Video Channel, where the newest Novell presentations from the company’s experts about its products, markets and technologies are shared. Novell also has a blog.

Novell World Wide : Website Security & Safety

Goggle Safe Browsing reveals that is not currently listed as a suspicious website. While McAfee Site Advisor and Norton Safe Web also found this site safe.  According to, this site’s SSL (single sockets layer) has not expired and the site is listed on the SSL certificate.  Additionally, it noted that this site only accepts connections with a strong cipher suite and will not allow weak encryption for SSL sessions. The verdict after several checks has proven that this site is secured.

Novell BorderManager 3.9 assists companies keep their systems secure and employees productive. Novell BorderManager 3.9 makes management easy and from a single console, you can configure proxy services, distribute configurations to your devices, update and monitor your VPN client and perform many other essential management tasks. Stay connected and secure from wherever you’re working.

Novell World Wide : Pricing & Packages

Novell Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL) has a very wide customer base spanning several industries and countries. Its products range form Collaboration, Endpoint Management and File and networking Services among others. The company’s product and service prices are a true reflection of its clientele and quality. I didn’t come across any complaints from customers of the company’s products and service on any platform.

Novell World Wide : Shipping Rates & Policies

Novell Inc (NASDAQ; NOVL) products can be sold in all continents. However, it doesn’t require shipping since it is a completely virtual solution. Novell Inc’s offers particular services and software products to its clients; these offerings are all delivered online. Therefore, the company has no need for shipping policies or rates.

Novell World Wide : Payment Methods Accepted

Novell Inc did not outline the payment options it accepts. However, it is expected that the company would accept all the trending payment options including, credit cards, e-money, bank wire and a few other services. According to the company’s privacy statement “” it is necessary for customers who wish to place an order…[to provide] provide appropriate contact information, such as their names, address, phone number and e- mail address, together with their billing information e.g. billing name and address, credit card number and expiration date.”

Novell World Wide : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There was no information on the company’s site regarding its refund, return and exchange policy. But considering the trend of other virtual software and services company, exchange may be possible, where the product is damaged. Return and refund may be acceptable pending certain requirements (such as a limited number of days).

Novell World Wide : Product images & screenshots
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